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Product MCC Individual mentor coaching package - 3 sessions

ICF mentor coaching for credentialing

  • All mentor coaching for ICF credentialing purposes focuses on developing the quality and range of your coaching capability to demonstrate the ICF core competencies, while serving your clients. I focus on starting from where you are and then partnering with you as you develop and expand your coaching style to be aligned with the minimum requirements of the ICF credential  you are applying for.

  • The ICF requires that coaches complete 10 hours of mentor coaching in order to be eligible to apply for an ICF credential. These 10 hours may be undertaken individually; or up to 7 hours may be undertaken in a group (max 10 per group). At least 3 hours must be undertaken individually.

  • Mentor coaching must occur over a three-month period or longer.

MCC specific requirements

  • "Mentor Coaching hours submitted with an MCC Credential application cannot be the same Mentor Coaching hours applied toward a previous application for the ACC or PCC Credential."

  • For MCC group and individual mentor coaching, I refer to both core competency models, making explicit the similarities and differences between them. This is useful for those who were trained in the 11 CC model and have not had recent ICF coach education. I will do a quick bridging with you so that you can draw on your previous coach education and/or mentor coaching.
  • The MCC BARS (Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales) were introduced in 2022. ICF provides applicant handbooks available for download – MCC handbook is available here -
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