Continuing Coach Education (CCE); Continuing Professional Development (CPD)



Are you seeking to optimise the quality of your coaching and set yourself apart from your competitors as a coach who provides exceptional  quality coaching and client service?

  • Gift yourself an Individual or small group package; online  or venue-based.
  • Explore and experiment, receive feedback, keep your practice fresh and responsive.
  • Be the coach who is known for delivering meaningful, impactful services, and who loves what they do.


Specially designed action-learning online sessions for coaches who want to develop mastery in the 11 ICF core competencies.

  • You are already trained and practising as a coach
  • You want to deepen and strengthen your demonstration of the 11 core competencies
  • You wish to maintain your knowledge and skills despite already holding an ICF credential.
  • You'd like to be part of a monthly learning experience where you share expertise and explore together with fellow coaches.

3. GET CREDENTIALED WITH THE ICF MENTOR COACHING PACKAGES - details coming soon about FREE offer for ICF members

Are you wanting to get credentialed with the International Coach Federation (ICF)? Contact me for information about a package that is just right for you.

  • I offer indvidual packages,  and small group combo packages that include the ICF required 3 hours of individual mentor coaching.
  • Choose from online or venue-based packages.
  • I work via telephone if you have problems with internet speed or connectivity, and online via a stable online platform cal;led zoom. It is similar to skype. You can see me and your fellow participants.
  • I offer mixed level groups for those wishing to apply for the ACC or PCC credential. I can refer you to a colleague if you wish to apply for the MCC credential (ICF Rule: your mentor coach must be at the same or higher level credential as your application level).

  • BIG BONUS: All my packages include 2 x 30 mins consultations in which we navigate the ICF requirements in relation to YOU and YOUR application.
  • Evaporate the pain, confusion, and strain from preparing your submission. I'll assist you in making sense of the requirements, translate the jargon and acronyms with you, and together we'll map your path from "I'm here"  to "I'm ready to submit". It still takes work but at least you will make steady progress and not spend hours going around in circles, down dead-ends, or gathering onformation and documents that you don't need.