Calling Capable Forward-Thinking Women and Men Stuck in the Doldrums of Overwhelm ...

  • Are you frantically chasing your tail all day, and yet don't get what's important done?
  • Are you overwhelmed and oppressed by your 'To Do' list?  It seems to have a life beyond your control!
  • Are you beyond tired and finding it hard to restore your enthusiasm and your energy?
  • Are self doubt and second guessing  keeping you stuck in the doldrums of indecision?
  • Has the capable you somehow got lost?  Is your confidence at an all time low?
  • Are you suffering in the doldrums of change fatigue, or worn out from single-handedly navigating relentless turbulance and pressure?
  • Do you know you have a purpose and a contribution to make, but surviving the storms and crises is as much as you can manage?

Interested in Restoring Clarity to Create a Meaningful, Impactful, and Profitable
Working Life?

Clients say some remarkable things about the impact of our work together on their work and their lives. If you invite me to serve you in potent ways that can partner you in creating progress and success for yourself and others, here is some of what you will be able to say:

  • I am a forward-thinking, reliable person who delivers what I promse
  • My days are all about accomplishing value and quality, rather than just being frantically busy
  • I start my days with energy, optimism and clarity that last across my day
  • I manage to stay steady in the face of the turbulence and pressure that come along as part of life
  • I know when to sweat the small stuff and when to focus on the bigger picture
  • I contribute to making this a worthwhile world for myself and others
  • I end my days with a sense of accomplishment, gratitude and worthiness

You don't need a personality overhaul. Neither do you need 24 extra hours in the day -
even if you could create them! A viable, pragmatic solution is within your grasp.

I work as a partner with capable, but stuck, women and men like you, who desire to leave behind the doldrums of overwhelm, and set sail towards creating a meaningful, impactful and profitable working life. You too can start to accomplish this via the simple tweaks revealed in this Free Resource.

Enter your name and details to receive 'Accomplishing Value and Quality' vs 'Getting Things Done' as a free download. You'll also get some more tips that help you maintain your progress, and keep you moving forward, with surprisingly low effort.

Whether you do this to console and comfort yourself while stuck in the doldrums, :-( or whether it is as your first step towards improving your days :-) , I'd be delighted to work with you as you begin exploring with your Free Resource.  Gift yourself a FREE 20 mins Restoring Clarity Consultation. We'll focus on how you can cope better, and  set sail towards rejuvenating your forward-thinking and enlivening your capabilities.



Restoring Clarity:

'Accomplishing Value and Quality'


'Getting Things Done'

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What a Group Human Resources Manager says:

'The benefits were huge. Svea offered to us a talent programme for our internal talents – 80% of them were promoted in the meantime as a result of Svea’s guidance.

Even today they speak often of their learnings and apply them in daily life.'

Zimisele - Group Human Resources Manager


What a General Manager Says ...

'As I moved into a more senior management role – the world got more complex. Svea helped me to navigate thru this. She helped me to shift my thinking - from thinking about what the problem is, to starting to think about the bigger picture, the broader view and also on how to move things forward.

I did a lot of reflection, a lot of trying out things, finding my space - she guides you into a space where you feel comfortable and find your natural style.

 And, the coaching that she has done with my staff – three years later I can still see the benefits.'

Ingrid - General Manager: Supply Chain Operations

What a Professional Coach Says ...

"Working with Svea around ethics in coaching and standards of practice enabled me to grow in my learning personally and professionally. Her knowledge on ethics is really sharp and clear.
She stuck with me, was patient with me, and believed I could breakthrough. That was profound. And her sense of humour. She reminded me  - Don't take yourself too seriously - we're here to learn.
Now I know better how to handle these ethics dilemmas, I am of better service. it makes people trust my service, it makes people trust coaches.'

Trish - Executive and Team Coach