Making 2018 Self Care = Exquisite Client Service


Self-care is essential, not an indulgence.

Make 2018 a year in which you take good care of yourself. As they say in those aeroplane announcements "Put on your own oxygen mask first before asissting fellow passengers".

Here are some opportunities for taking care of yourself with creativity, ingenuity and enjoyment.


Are you seeking to optimise the quality of your SF Brief Practice?
Do you want to set yourself apart from your competitors as someone who provides exquisite client service?
Do you know that self-care is essential? Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others ...

  • Gift yourself an Individual or small group package; online  or on-site options available.
  • Explore and experiment, receive feedback, keep your practice fresh and responsive.

These sessions are suitable for coaches, counsellors, therapists, educators. mental health professionals, leaders, supervisors - anyone who is using SF Brief Practice in their work.

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Specially designed action-learning online sessions for coaches who want to develop mastery in the 11 ICF core competencies.

  • You are already trained and practising as a coach
  • You want to deepen and strengthen your demonstration of the 11 core competencies
  • You wish to maintain your knowledge and skills despite already holding an ICF credential.
  • You'd like to be part of a monthly learning experience where you share expertise and explore together with fellow coaches.

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 Thursday 25 January 2018 in Rosebank, Cape Town.  9.00 - 17.00

Focus and Activities:

* Developments in the ICF coaching world and how to simply and elegantly tweak your work with clients. Examples - implications for you and your clients of new privacy laws for ethical practice (CC1) . PCC markers  and your signature coaching style (CC2-11)

* Developments in SF Brief Practice. Examples - significance  of client context for forging the coaching agreement and the coaching plan (CC2 and CC10); the use of play in coaching for and with children (CC5-7); emotions as interactional experiences not internal states (CC5-CC9)

* Coaching sprints (CC1-11). Do your signature coaching; receive feedback aimed at confirming and expanding what you do well; seamlessly drop out what you can let go of; receive coaching on a topic of your choice - perhaps something connected to how to optimise 2018?


  • Resurrect your coaching fitness quickly and enjoyably if you've had a break. If you worked through the holiday period, revitalise so as to take the best of you into 2018
  • Work with experienced, seasoned coaches to receive coaching, to receive feedback on your coaching, and to sharpen your feedback skills
  • Update on what to develop in your coaching and what you can let go of. It served you well once, but now it may be getting in your way or no longer be necessary


Special rate for ICF members / credentialed coaches - R1495

Special rate for SolutionSurfers graduates / SACAP graduates - R1495

Regular rate - R1 995

Payment options if cashflow is tight - pay a deposit by 25 Jan 2018 and the remainder by 28 Feb 2018

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Are you wanting to get credentialed with the International Coach Federation (ICF)? Contact me for information about a package that is just right for you.

  • I offer indvidual packages,  and small group combo packages that include the ICF required 3 hours of individual mentor coaching.
  • Choose from online or on-site packages.
  • I work via telephone if you have problems with internet speed or connectivity, and online via a stable online platform called zoom. It is similar to skype. We engage - no talking heads, death by powerpoint  or pre-recorded sessions
  • I offer mixed level groups for those wishing to apply for the ACC or PCC credential. I can refer you to a colleague if you wish to apply for the MCC credential (ICF Rule: your mentor coach must be at the same or higher level credential as your application level).

  • BIG BONUS: All my packages include 2 x 30 mins consultations in which we navigate the ICF requirements in relation to YOU and YOUR application.
  • Evaporate the pain, confusion, and strain from preparing your submission. I'll assist you in making sense of the requirements, translate the jargon and acronyms with you, and together we'll map your path from "I'm here"  to "I'm ready to submit". It still takes work but at least you will make steady progress and not spend hours going around in circles, down dead-ends, or gathering onformation and documents that you don't need.

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4. Looking to move out of overwhelm? CLICK HERE for free PDF download and a complimentary clarity conversation